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Procurement Data Cleansing

Do you have data everywhere and your systems don’t talk to one another? Is your data a mess and suffering from serious ID-10T errors?!

Let us help ease your pain!

Data Services

1. Data Cleansing

Good data enables good decisions. But in most organisations, the quality of data is an impediment to realising success.


PI Data Analytics provides data cleansing services that enable you to transform your data into usable information. Using our spend cubes with more than 18 years of data, across multiple industries and geographies, we can cleanse your data to correct manual entry errors, misclassifications, and other errors that prevent analysis on your data.


With cleansed data, you can spend less time on correcting data and more time on realising benefits.










2. Data Categorisation

Effective Categorisation is necessary to inform data-driven decision making. Without an effective and accurate categorisation schema, organisations are forced to compromise their decision making, relying on ‘rules of thumb’ and ‘best-guessing’ rather than informed decision making.

PI Data Analytics leverages machine learning techniques, extensive rulesets, and our database of categorised data to categorise data. Whether you are using industry standard schema (e.g. UNSPSC, SIC), your own internal schema, or a hybrid, our automated and self-learning categorisation techniques can help you to unlock the true value of your data.









3. Data Visualisation

We live in a world of ‘big data’. At every step, and at every moment a vast amount of data is captured in your business. But few businesses truly exploit this data to their advantage. Data Visualisation allows you to convert stored data into a usable form, and to share the insights that this data provides across your entire organisation – not just those with their heads ‘in the data’.

PI Data Analytics has a collection of ‘standard dashboard suites’ that have been developed to turn data into insights. These dashboards are designed for non-technical users to quickly, easily, and effectively extract the value from data, allowing them to focus on realising benefits to your organisation.