PI Data Analytics SPEND CUBE

A tool to avoid inflating supply costs and gain competitive advantage

In an era of inflating supply costs finding savings and efficiencies in your supply base will help you keep spend within budget, hold down your prices, and gain the advantage over your competitors.

Using AI, machine learning and effective visualisations, PI Data Analytics’s Spend Cube (ProcureTrak™) makes sense of your spend data so you can quickly see actionable insights resulting in:

  • A more efficient supply base
  • Cost savings
  • Improved compliance
  • Reduced risk
  • Improved supplier performance
  • Reduced administration costs.

Once you see how effective the PI Data Analytics Spend Cube is you’ll want your suppliers to use it so the cost savings flow right down through your entire supply chain.

Download Product and Pricing Overview Now!

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Who is Gaining Advantage from ProcureTrak™ ?

Major corporations, government agencies, not-for-profits, and businesses across a diverse range of industries including construction, health and education are gaining advantage from using ProcureTrak™.

Extensive Visualisations and Deep Dive

The easy-to-use spend data visualisation dashboards enable you to see actionable insights from various birds-eye views. You can then deep dive into your data to gain greater understanding at individual transaction, supplier, GL account or department level.

Easy To Use

  • Designed to be super-easy for first-time users
  • All functions are intuitive and self-explanatory
  • How-to guide included
  • Personalized training session for your team

Faster evidence-based decision-making

AI and machine learning are at the heart of this spend analysis tool allowing you to easily organise your data and gain more insights. This leads to faster evidence-based decision-making instead of data-bloated best guesses.

  • Track key measures and trends
  • Highlight abnormalities
  • Segment suppliers
  • Geographic analysis and mapping

Feature Rich and Flexible

  • All charts and visualizations are interactive
  • Click-to-drill functionality and a selection of filters
  • Multiple functions gain visibility against all areas of expenditure
  • Print all dashboards into a PowerPoint slide deck or a PDF file
  • Repeatable and scalable


Customisation of dashboards include color branding, bespoke charts, filters and layouts, and terminology to fit your organisation’s procurement dictionary.

Window to the raw underlying data.

You’ll have easy access to your original spend data without the need to go into complex queries and ERP reports to get the required information.

Easy Data

We can clean and consolidate messy data into a single source of truth for the dashboards.

Quickly find answers to your difficult questions

Easily identify and focus on individual questions of interest including:

  • Which suppliers have relatively low spends and high volume of invoices, leading to high administration costs?
  • What are the quality issues in data entry?
  • Are the suppliers coded to the correct accounts?
  • What are the trends on spend against one-time suppliers?
  • What are the spend brackets the suppliers fall under?
  • And many more …