Spend Analytics Starter Kit

Designed to equip you with line of sight across your category so,
you can spot more opportunities and gain greater control.

Getting to a single source of truth is not always easy.

  • Multiple Locations
  • Multiple Business Units
  • Multiple Products
  • Multiple Suppliers
  • Multiple SLA’s & KPI’s
  • Multiple ERP systems
  • Multiple Stakeholders
  • Multiple Price Points
  • Multiple Quantities

And answers can be difficult to find
in the trail of data

Which suppliers are outside of contract and how much are we spending with them?

Where are we buying the same item at a different price?

Are suppliers charging us agreed rates?

What is being delivered?

Who are we buying from?

What are we buying?

How much have we paid?

How much have we bought?

Who is buying?

How are we tracking on our rebate targets?

Where are we seeing
non-compliant behaviors like

Manual spend analysis
is not the answer

  • Time consuming
  • Difficult processing when multiple sets are involved
  • No audit trail recording
  • Relying on internal skills
  • Not easily repeatable
  • Not easily shared for collaboration
  • No automated workflow processes
  • Prone to errors
  • Not secure process
  • Not easily scalable

… automated spend analytics is.

  • Easily share in different formats
  • Smart automated workflow processes
  • Increased accuracy
  • Secure
  • Scaleable
  • Quick
  • Easier when multiple sets are involved
  • Audit trail recording
  • Relying on automation, not skills
  • Easily repeatable

Especially when it only costs

$4,950 + GST

For 12 months access!

Lock in this reduced price by downloading the Spend Analytics Starter Kit overview before 31st December 2022. Don’t miss out. Learn more about its features, functionality, pricing, and benefit.